Our Story

We’re Kat & Ashley, two sisters and the faces behind Salt of Society. We started out as owners of a local women’s clothing boutique for 10 years. When we became moms we decided to take things in a different direction. As moms do, our wardrobes became less about us and our focus shifted to dressing our littles in cute, affordable and meaningful clothing that reflected our own style. We quickly realized that is easier said than done, as it was difficult to find pieces for our kids that were good quality and affordable at the same time.
Enter: Salt of Society… We made it our mission to offer kids clothing that is meaningful and won’t break the bank.
We believe in empowering and equipping our youth with the truth of who they are created to be. Our hope as moms and small shop owners, is that our products send a positive message to both the wearer and the community around them. As salt is used to preserve and purify, we aim to encourage our youth to bring light into darkness… to be the salt of society.
Kat & Ash